Energy Saving International designs and manufactures energy saving products including the SAVASOCKET Multi-Socket 6™ - an environmentally-friendly, surge-protected multi-adaptor that eliminates stand-by power.

This product is also Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust as it only uses 0.19W in stand-by which is below the 0.5W criteria specified by the organisation.

The Multi-Socket 6 is the easiest way for you to save energy, electricity, CO2 and extend the life of your products in the home or office. The wasted standby electricity it saves in its first year –over £40 – pays for itself twice over and that makes great sense - SAVASOCKET saves your pocket!

This Standby Saver extends the life of your products because they are not plugged in 24 hours a day, every day of the year, glowing LEDs and circuit boards until they burn out. That means your products last longer and don't end up in skips and landfill sites.

The SAVASOCKET was awarded the Grand Designs Award for Best Eco Product, won an environmental innovation award from Yorkshire Forward’s Centres of Industrial Collaboration, and has been shortlisted for the prestigious global Green Awards 2010.