EGUK is a dedicated waste recovery and gas production company, formed to transform household and other types of commercial waste into useable renewable gas. Created by a specialised conversion known as “Pyrolysis”, the Renewable Gas will be utilised for power generation. The project offsets the amount of natural gas we would otherwise consume in the production of energy and actually conserves our natural reserves. Over the next 10 years, many of our power stations in the United Kingdom are switching to natural gas as a fuel stock, yet we are expecting to import 80% of our gas supplies by 2020.

If our imports cease for any number of reasons, great heat and energy problems lie ahead. The form of renewable gas created from our process will be capable of replacing good clean natural gas for the purpose of power production. This will help remove waste from the streets and conserve our natural gas stocks used in our homes, whilst removing carbon emissions which would otherwise arise.

EGUK has drawn together expertise from within the waste and new technology industries, enabling the two industries to interface and create a sustainable energy source for the future. Our concept will be proficient in the recovery of waste received from Unitary Authorities, Waste Disposal Authorities, Waste Contractors and the sale of gas to Power Generation Companies to help meet their Renewable Obligations.

Through creating a more environmentally friendly, self-sustainable and responsible method of dealing with our everyday man-made waste, we will help to remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions which would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere.