Energy & Enviro World (since summer 2013, since 2005 Energy & Enviro Finland) keeps you up to date with what is going on in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development, as well as the policies that concern these fields, by evaluating news from more than 500 reliable sources around the world and refining the information into more understandable form. One of the main goals is to help combat climate change. For example, the website also includes Arctic-section that includes articles from world's leading specialist in developing this region. Every daily news article includes a short but comprehensive summary on the topics, providing decision-makers, professionals and specialists with a quick background look at the subject matter. The weekly Energy & Enviro World newsletter provides a comprehensive picture of the week’s top news. Special newsletters on Arctic and Bioenergy have been published. Currently, the website includes more than 5000 news and articles.