Automated Energy Management and Analysis for SMBs.

By combining energy usage data with weather/climate, grid and building we can automatically give users insight into their energy usage, and provide suggestions on the best way to reduce their expenditure and energy usage.

Useful tool for Energy Professionals to process energy bills quickly.

We want to do one thing and one thing only!
Help organisations to use energy smarter! Pure & Simple. We aim to achieve this by helping manage energy costs, reduce energy consumption and limit CO2 emissions. We do this by converting your confusing energy bills into useful insights, creating robust energy data with powerful analytics and utilising the best information technologies to help you reduce your carbon emissions.
Since the dawn of time, mankind has dreamed of making things smaller... especially their energy bills. Now you can! EnergyElephant is a software company with a mission to "Make Energy Easy for Everyone".

Most of the world's energy data remains siloed away in utility databases, forgotten and unused by its owners. EnergyElephant helps extract, organise and analyse this data. For business managers, EnergyElephant brings all your energy data together online saving users time and money while reducing your risks. They also help you find the best energy prices, automatically alerts you when discounted tariffs are ending and help you reduce your carbon footprint the smart way, and help you meet your legislative requirements for reporting, reduce the risk of volatile energy price rises and mitigating against carbon taxes. We are supplier agnostic so no matter who your supplier, you'll always have access to all your data.

Using EnergyElephant's proprietary technologies helps users reduce ENERGY costs, carbon and consumption the smart way through actions & competition to drive change.