Since 1992 ENERGY-rm has been serving clients all across Asia in their quest to extract maximum value from every dollar they spend on energy. By treating energy management as a mangement discipline rather than an engineering issue, ENERGY-rm's clients have cut millions of previously wasted dollars from their energy bills.

ENERGY rm is committed to maximising the value its clients extract from every dollar they spend on energy.

Established in 1992, ERM is now regarded as a pioneer and leader of energy management practices in Asia.

ENERGY-rm is your single-focus partner for every aspect of energy management.

In today's world a company's success is directly proportional to its ability to harness all its resources to improve its competitiveness. There is no room for capital tied up in inappropriate plant and equipment, for cash flow diverted to unnecessary expenses, or for management and staff time given over to non-core activities.

Our mission is simple: to ensure that owners and managers who really want their companies to spend their energy budget wisely actually achieve that goal.

By concentrating exclusively on the field of energy management, ERM specialists are able to stay up-to-date with the most effective techniques, the latest scientific tools and equipment, the most proven management strategies, the broadest range of financing options, the best modelling software, and the most recent research results. This single focus also allows us to constantly evaluate the products and technologies on the market, as well as the people who install and support them. In addition, ERM monitors proposed legislation, energy price changes, and investment trends that could affect its clients.

The Benefits to You
With the sum of this knowledge, ERM is in a unique position to recommend the best equipment or procedure for your particular requirements. And because our strength is applying energy management tools, not selling them, you are assured that our judgement reflects what your company needs, not what quota we need to sell. Our clients tell us that bringing in ERM not only helped them dramatically reduce their energy bills but also helped them make better management decisions.


Under our "Total Care" package ERM assumes full responsibility for your entire energy usage, leaving you free to focus on your key success factors. And we guarantee you a resulting positive net cashflow.


To know where you currently stand and what energy conservation opportunities exist in your company, an audit of some or all 'energised' systems is crucial. Interpreting a company's usage patterns requires specialised knowledge - exactly ERM's forte.

The ideal time to make a building energy efficient is when it is still on the drawing board. Appoint ERM to represent you or assist you on the design team and ensure that this priceless opportunity is not lost.


Whether it is an Energy Awareness presentation for Supervisors, a workshop for your environmental training series or a long term energy conservation programme for your entire staff, ERM's experienced trainers can handle your requirements.

ERM has helped clients throughout Asia to improve their energy management efforts and thereby save millions of dollars. These clients include:

Allied Properties
HKR/Discovery Bay
Kajima Overseas Asia
Kerry Properties
Las Vegas Sands Inc
Macquarie Goodman
Morgan Stanley Japan Properties
Shun Tak Holdings
Sun Hung Kai Properties
Thai Wah Group
Tuntex Group

Harilela Strategic Group
Colliers International
Cushman Wakefield
InterContinental Hotels Group
Noble Group

CSR Asia
Daiichi Kenchiku
HSBC Holdings
SBC Cinemas

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