As the exciting world of renewable energy evolves, so does the future of the planet.

Since inception Energi has shared the passion and enthusiasm of our clients for making a difference and taking strides towards tackling climate change by delivering solutions that have enabled businesses, educational authorities and consumers across the UK to harness the power of renewable solar PV and wind energies in order to reduce fossil fuel derived energy bills and cut carbon emissions.

Planet Solar evolves into Energi (Energi Holdings plc) - Energi will continue in the provision of C02 displacing renewable solar and wind solutions; whilst exploring other technologies and partnerships throughout the UK and overseas.

Located within the Lancaster Environment Centre - a pioneering energy research facility in the UK - Energi will strive to make renewable energy a real alternative to traditional energy.

Solar PV panels and wind technologies are methods of renewable energy that help the planet, reduce energy bills and have the potential to earn your educational, commercial or domestic project money for every unit of power generated.

Energi is already working with forward thinking businesses, schools, colleges and universities to implement projects to reduce their CO2 emissions and educate the next generation of energy users on a sustainable and secure UK energy policy.