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16 Jun 2014 09:06:52

Whitbread continues to enjoy benefits of Powerstar voltage optimisation

More than 10 million customers are served every month in Whitbread establishments across its range of successful hospitality venues, including Premier Inn, Beefeater Grill and Costa Coffee. As part of its ‘Good Together’ Corporate Responsibility Programme, the company is committed to reducing its direct electricity consumption and the associated CO2 emissions.

Through installation of Powerstar the voltage optimisation systems (VO), Whitbread has been able to deliver average electricity consumption savings of 12.35%, across 400 Whitbread sites, with average reductions in CO2 emissions of 12 tonnes, the equivalent to saving the CO2 emissions of over 24,000 homes a year.

By optimising the voltage coming into a building, Powerstar systems ensure a constant energy supply. Although the nominal voltage in the UK is 230V, the average delivered is actually 242V often it can even be in excess of 250V. By addressing this variance, Powerstar systems can help companies reduce their energy consumption and costs whilst also cutting CO2 emissions, without effecting business operations.
Whitbread’s Premier Inn Hotels and restaurant portfolio, which includes Table Table, Beefeater and Taybarns all require an uninterrupted and secure power supply to ensure the comfort and safety of their customers at all times.

The Powerstar team worked meticulously through an evaluation, analysis, project management and installation process for each selected Whitbread site to identify a specific solution for each site to maximise energy savings and ensure a seamless implementation with no disruptions to business operations or negative impact on customer experience.

Whitbread has experienced the numerous benefits of installing Powerstar VO technology across its hospitality estate and now enjoys reduced energy consumption, a more secure and reliable power supply, whilst at the same time reducing its carbon footprint.

Chris George, head of energy and environment at Whitbread hotels and restaurants said, “As a responsible hotel and restaurant business, we need to ensure our customers enjoy a good nights sleep and great tasting menus served in a relaxed atmosphere. We found Powerstar to be both professional and proactive in their awareness of the installation requirements during business operational hours, which ensured minimum disturbance for our guests.”

Powerstar has been leading the way in the development and manufacture of VO units for over 13 years and is the only VO system in the world to have a granted patent on its design. Continuous research and innovation has seen the development of the latest system, Powerstar HV MAX, which combines the benefits of an amorphous core, super low-loss transformer, with those of an electronic-dynamic VO unit.

By replacing an old and inefficient transformer with the amorphous core transformer used in the Powerstar HV MAX system savings of between 3%-10% can be realised from increased efficiencies and reducing standing losses. In addition, 12%-15% savings can also be achieved through optimisating and stabilising the incoming of voltage via the integrated electronic-dynamic VO system. Therefore, installation of this new High Voltage (HV) optimisation technology can be expected to achieve average savings of 17%.

As the first fully electronically variable HV transformer in the world Powerstar HV MAX is designed to take 1,000V/22,000V/33,000V input and provide a fully electronically regulated 380 (or user-defined) voltage.

Powerstar is manufactured by EMSc UK Ltd. The company conducts all its research, development and sourcing in the UK and all Powerstar units are manufactured in the UK.
It has been awarded the prestigious Made in Sheffield accolade.

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