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27 Nov 2014 12:11:32

Powerstar to install historic first system in US

A Powerstar voltage optimisation system has been commissioned as a pilot project with an American City Government marking the company’s first system to be delivered in North America. Manufactured in the UK by EMSc (UK) Ltd. Powerstar is the world’s market leading voltage optimisation brand and the only system with a patent on its design. Powerstar’s Maryland based partner EnTel, is working with the government’s energy department in conjunction with Powerstar engineers to commission the installation.
This initial purchase order has set the stage for optimising the voltage at other significant government facilities plus local residences, with this first project being monitored by the local utility and paid for in part by funds from a utility-based grant. This represents a new chapter of a city-wide energy efficiency initiative as the first municipality to tap into the benefits of Powerstar within the United States. The first installation is on track to be delivered before the end of 2014.
Mr. Michael Hunter, Chief Executive Officer of EnTel commented “Having recently secured the first ever
US-based Powerstar purchase order, with a municipal client, we are pleased EnTel was chosen to usher in a new era for voltage optimization throughout North America via Powerstar – a truly powerful yet holistic solution for guaranteed permanent reduction of energy consumption and demand management.”
Voltage in the US is on average supplied at 493V by the National Grid, however only 460V volts are required by modern equipment and appliances. A unique solution that covers the proverbial “last mile” when optimising the power grid, Powerstar takes the incoming voltage provided by the electricity authority and cuts the excess. Average savings of 12%-15% on annual electricity consumption can be achieved with the installation of a Powerstar system, with a typical return on investment between 2-3 years and energy savings that are guaranteed by Powerstar.
Dr. Alex Mardapittas, creator of Powerstar, commented, “EnTel is providing EMSc an excellent ‘channel’ in which to sell and deliver voltage optimisation to the vast majority of buildings in North America. With over five million US commercial buildings alone having no form of building automation or energy management system, the vast majority of these buildings are candidates for voltage optimisation.”
Dr. Mardapittas was recently invited to the US to deliver a presentation at the annual International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) event where he also exhibited a Powerstar system at the Las Vegas based exhibition.
EMSc (UK) Ltd is a market leading manufacturer of voltage optimisation with installations of Powerstar in more than 20 countries. With the first US sale on the books, EnTel continues to drive discussions with potential new partners across the North American continent, as interest and demand for voltage optimisation technology grows in this key target market.
Powerstar voltage optimisation systems have been designed and manufactured in the UK for over 13 years and are the only systems in the world to be granted a patent on their design. Powerstar boasts 100% reliability with no recorded failures across thousands of installations globally, offering a secure, proven and reliable solution for businesses in the US. Additionally, the manufacturers of Powerstar are also preparing to introduce a revolutionary new system that will utilize and extend the unique design of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system to divert energy saved from the site load, site supply or renewable sources into local battery storage so that this energy can then be automatically utilized at the point of maximum financial benefit to the end user.

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