EMSc UK Ltd is an engineering market leader renowned for the innovative design of the Star range of energy saving solutions. The companies vision focuses on helping clients make their organisation more energy efficient through cutting edge technology solutions.

The six Star energy saving products are Powerstar, Airstar, Hotelstar, Lightstar, Autostar and Motorstar. All have an impressive range of applications and can save up to 75% in energy consumption and costs. All solutions have a rapid payback, some recouping costs within months.

Whatever your business, we believe we have the perfect solution for cutting your energy usage.

Company Profile

•Market leaders in design and manufacture of energy management solutions
•At the forefront of technological advances in energy management
•Engineering company formed in 2001
•More than 150 years combined experience in design and manufacturing
•We export overseas to 15 countries, including Australia, South Africa and UAE
•Project-led approach fully supported by our team of professional engineers
•We source components locally
•Winners of the 2011 Yorkshire Post Innovation in Business award