EMEC provides the worlds only multi-berth, purpose-built, open sea test facilities for wave and tidal marine energy converters.

Our operations are spread over several sites:

Wave test site at Billia Croo, Mainland Orkney.
Tidal test site in the Fall of Warness off the island of Eday.
Smaller scale wave and tidal test sites under development.
Office and data facilities in Stromness.

Orkney was chosen because of its natural and manmade resources. The wave test site receives uninterrupted Atlantic waves of up to 15m. At the Eday site, tidal steams run at up to 4m/sec (8kn) and are among the fastest in Europe. Orkney is also the most northerly community connected to the UK national grid, has excellent harbour facilities and a significant professional community experienced in working with renewable energy.

The main services on offer when testing at EMEC are:

Independent assessment of devices’ energy conversion capabilities,structural performance and survivability.
Real-time monitoring of environmental conditions.
Grid connection and ROCs (Renewable Obligations Certificate) registration.

EMEC operates within a UKAS accredited integrated management system, which incorporates Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental standards. This means we can offer independent, internationally recognised verification of the performance of devices which come to test at EMEC.

EMEC also plays an active role in the marine renewables industry through attending various working groups, conferences and events, whilst providing key presentations, consultancy, coordinating research projects and producing valuable publications such as industry guidelines.