Element6 helps organizations measure, monitor and reduce their environmental impact by auditing their carbon footprint and developing carbon emissions reduction and sustainability strategies.
We do this through energy audits and other carbon emission auditing through the use of our software Carbonview. We also help negotiate contracts to reduce energy consumption or costs.

Element6 calls it the 3 M's.
Measure. Manage. Mitigate
The first thing any organization must do to reduce their emissions is Measure. This is accomplished through the use of Carbonview our carbon emissions accounting software platform.
Once the software is used (Carbonview), the next 'M" is Manage. By viewing the data gathered by the audit we can then manage or reduce emissions, thus savings companies’ money and the cost of conducting business....showing organizations a REAL ROI.

Lastly, the third M is Mitigate. element6 offers consulting services to help organization further reduce their emissions by introducing them to technologies in the market that will help them further reduce emissions, save money, or both....all resulting in an ROI.

For More Information call us at 214.666.8556. I would love to show you a demo of our software and how it helps to track emissions so organizations can reduce the cost of doing business.