Elecscoot are based in Consett County Durham and specialise in the supply of new electric vehicles (EV's), in particular, scooters. The companies aim is to offer high quality electric scooters to members of the public, by providing cost effective and environmentally friendly transport.

Good design has longevity. At Elecscoot, we are dedicated to continually offer all
customers the best quality products that match their budget and personal needs.

The style and performance of the Elecscoot range will be hard to beat, as all scooters are CO2 emission free, road tax free, extremely cost effective to run and at the same time, clean and green. Elecscoot aims to continue its dedication now, and into the future, to meet all its customer needs.

Electric scooters are a brand new concept aimed at giving commuters, students, caravaners…in fact, almost everybody, the freedom and the most cost effective form of electric transport on the roads today.

Electric scooters are the ideal way to travel short or medium distances. You will be free to move, free from traffic jams, free from rising oil prices, free from pollution, and free from guilt about the rising concern of global warming. They are low in noise, have no fumes and have brushless motors, which means no servicing. The only form of servicing is brakes and tyres, the same as you would expect from a pushbike, so there are very low maintenance costs. Plus there are no more expensive trips to the petrol station!!

The savings and benefits of owning an electric scooter are absolutely wonderful!

8p for a full charge
40-60 miles per charge (depending on the model chosen)
2-8 hours charge time. (2hrs giving a 90% charge)
No Road tax
No congestion charges
Cheap insurance
Brushless motors which means no servicing!

The range of electric scooters will be popular among everyone, whether you prefer the retro style or prefer something new and modern, there's a design for you. Each scooter gives excellent performance, has a good range, oozes character and has a smooth ride. There's an electric scooter to suit everyone's taste.

To summarise, we at Elecscoot will endeavor to supply cost-effective transport, and give continued customer satisfaction on every level. We will commit to making peoples daily commute and short distance travel needs, easier, faster, more comfortable, very affordable and enjoyable.