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Our Ekoroof tile is made from recycled agricultural plastic that is normally used by farms to protect their crops. If you think back to the last time you saw a field that was recently planted, you may have noticed long sheets of plastic covering a vast area of the field. These plastic sheets help to protect the young crops from extreme heat and sunlight, and also help to maintain the moisture content of the soil constant, as well as helping to keep pests out and minimize the use of pesticides. Another application for this plastic is in the form of bags. A translucent bag will be placed around a new, baby fruit on the tree. The fruit will grow inside the bag, acheiving the same goals as the plastic sheets layed on the ground.

These bags and plastic film are not reusable. The plastic sheets layed on the ground are torn by the growing crops. When the film is picked up, it is usually ripped, which makes it impossible to use a second time. Bags are also ripped and torn when the fruits are harvested. Recycling this film is very difficult because after use, the material is contaminated with plant matter, soil, water, fertilizers, and pesticides. It must first be washed and cleaned thoroughly, dried, and processed into pellets; this is a costly process.

Some recycling facilities don't accept this agricultural plastic waste because they do not have the necessary equipment to process it. Thus, it is sometimes stockpiled, dumped, buried, or illegaly burned, in each case causing tremendous harmful waste.

The high-quality Ekoroof plastic tile! We have developed and patented a way to effectively process agricultural films in just a few, simple and integrated steps! The plastic is then mixed with several additives that make up our patented formula, and shaped in the form of classic, double-roll tile.

Ekoroof plastic tile has been tested by independent laboratories in order to conform to the strictest quality standards required by the Miami-Dade (Florida) building and hurricane code.

• 4,500 hours of accelerated weathering testing
• Tensile strength tests
• Flexural test
• Self-ignition temperature test
• Smoke density tests
• Uplift resistance test
• Wind-driven rain test – to 110mph sustained wind with 8.8 inches of rainfall/hour with no leaks!
• Class A fire rating available!

Ekoroof comes in a variety of standard colors. They are onyx, classic clay and dark terracotta. Almost any color can be produced by special order. As Ekoroof is very light, the product can be installed on just about any roof, without modification to the roofing structure at your home or business. The installation process is very quick and easy.

And because we know that your home is an object of pride, Ekoroof also offers a limited 50 year warranty for your peace of mind. We will care for your home's roof as if we lived under it. Please note that in order to qualify for and register your roof for our limited warranty, it is necessary to contact us and mail in your original warranty certificate to our Ekoroof corporate headquarters in Miami. Contact us for the details of this. Please note that no regional Ekoroof office, nor roofing installation company is authorized to process or honor your 50 year limited warranty. Warranty claims will not be honored if not processed through our corporate headquarters in Miami.

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