Ekoroof, LLC is a privately owned Florida corporation, incorporated in 2005. We have offices in Miami FL, Appleton WI, and San Jose Costa Rica. Our manufacturing facility is located in Costa Rica, where the product was first developed. In 2005, Ekoroof, LLC acquired the rights to sell the product in the United States, as well as the patents for the production system and product formulation.

Since our product is made from recycled agricultural plastic, our plans for the future are to establish several manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States. In this way, we plan to take advantage of those states' agricultural industries and help to alleviate the problem with agricultural plastic waste that burdens those states - while at the same time, creating jobs in the US. Those small to medium manufacturing sites will supply product to areas in the general region, thereby lessening the impact on the environment caused by burning fossil fuels to transport the product across long distances.

History of EKOROOF in Latin America and the United States:

Ekoroof was born in and has a long history in Latin America, where it has been utilized on roofs for the past 12 years with its original formulation. In early 2004, we began research to modify the formula to enable our product to comply with the strictest quality standards and pass the necessary laboratory tests required to install the product in the United States.... we were successful!

Our history in the US may be relatively short, but since 2004, we've successfully installed our product in the country throughout various regions experiencing different weather patterns. The first locations were Wisconsin, Florida, and North Carolina - all with different climates, and all performing as intended and as predicted by the laboratory tests performed. Our commercial application - a restaurant in Wisconsin - has seen temperature fluctuations from 98°F to -18°F, sleet and hail storms, and our Florida samples have so far survived 3 hurricane and tropical storm seasons with no damage. North Carolina - despite two years of snow, hail, wind, and freezing rain - has been a walk in the park!

The demand since our introduction has been so overwhelming that new manufacturing plants are in the planning stages throughout the USA to supply the demand in different regions of the country and clean up those areas for our future generations to enjoy!