Eko Gea manufactures a full line of products made from extracts from the bio-active marine algae, Ascophyllum nodosum. Our products solve some of the most taxing issues in waste treatment, agriculture, and the environment – speeding, cleaning, feeding, and protecting biological processes while eliminating odour – a safe, green alternative to chemical treatments in many industries.

Our full product range is certified organic under the European Community EEC directives which govern organic production, labeling and control of animal and human feedstuffs. All of Eko Gea's products can be sold and used in the eco-systems of agriculture in all member states of the European Community without special permission.

Our customers are loyal and faithful users, and we continually add new applications to demonstrate our product's effectiveness in any biological process.

Our chief scientist, biologist Goran Đorđic is the inventor of the proprietary extraction method which sets our product apart. Seeking a faster, more effective method for growing microbes so important in many biological processes, Goran's "Eureka! moment" occurred when he discovered a way to extract the rich nutrients and bio-active compounds from Ascophyllum nodosum (already well-documented as a highly nutritive and bio-dynamic marine plant) without destroying the fragile molecules in the process. He then began to test this extract in a multitude of different industries. Eko Gea was born. For the past 15 years, Eko Gea continues to prove itself in a wide variety of sectors and applications as a solution to some of the most costly and taxing problems related to agriculture, ecology, and industrial and municipal waste treatment.

Mother Nature employs natural, biological processes to cleanse and feed the earth. Before man became heavy-handed through industrialisation and over-population, soils were rich with nutrients and waters cleansed themselves through natural biological processes. Eko Gea provides the means to return nutrients and active microbiology back into our eco-systems, simply, economically, effectively.

Eko Gea seeks to bring biology to the forefront of agriculture and appropriate industrial technology and assist in returning nature to what it was before man interfered.

"Eko Gea is science that wants to work."