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They are cleaner and easier to use in practice, the ash makes a good fertiliser, they burn hotter, for longer, with less carbon dioxide emissions than log materials. The Eko-logs contain less than 7% moisture and so are a much more efficient fuel than natural logs at between 25% and 40% moisture content depending upon seasoning. The use of Eko-logs should be the same principal as normal logs, the fire should be started with kindling and once lit the logs can either be broken to smaller pieces or placed on the fire whole as you would with logs. Approx burn time per kilo is 45 mins (of course depending upon core heat and size of fire), therefore the 6 pack will burn for approx 6.5 hours at full intensity.

The official certification bears testimony to Eko-log's burning efficiency, showing that it derives more heat than normal firewood, yet at the same time emits a huge 20% less carbon dioxide. In addition, the actual burning process of Eko-Log, not only produces less smoke, lower general emissions and slightly lower carbon dioxide levels, but interestingly the sulphur dioxide emissions are minimal compared to other fuels due to the lower sulphur content of the finished briquettes. After burning, there remains a natural, rice husk lignin waste. This residual ash constitutes approximately 12 to 16% mass, resulting in a value-added by product sold domestically within Vietnam as fertilizer.

In use, Eko-Log briquettes maintain high calorific burning values, excellent densities and hardness. They are available in optional sizes for various applications, and offer a natural replacement for logs or coal within any marketplace. Being a more cost-effective alternative to logs or indeed coal, they give off less smoke and ash with no environmental consequences or implications to bear, and yield a waste by-product with an associated value. Eko-Log in short, remains simply a more sustainable and consistent product for all markets, proving a truly environmentally-friendly confection which outperforms more environmentally-damaging, traditional firewood fuel sources.

Eko-logs should always be stored in a dry environment that is protected from the elements. At no point should any liquid come in contact to the Eko-logs before burning as moisture penetration will compromise the composition and burning qualities of the product.

Eko-logs can be used for any application as you would with any normal wooden logs, perfect for open fires, log burning stoves, multi-fuel burning stoves and fire-pits.

First start the fire with normal kindling material, we recommend either paper or fire lighters with the addition of sizeable kindling wood in stages to then allow the fire to be substantial enough and up to full temperature before adding any Eko-logs. It is recommended that each Eko-log should be broken into two or three smaller sections by either striking with an axe, hammer or simply dropping the logs on an edged split level surface to split.

Any wooden logs so minimal striking pressure is needed. Once the fire is established and up to full temperature place one or two (depending upon fire size) of the split Eko-log sections onto the fire as you would with ordinary wooden logs and allow them burn away. Add more Eko-log sections as required to sustain the fire; no other fuel is needed to sustain the fire once the Eko-logs are up to temperature and burning.

Each Eko-log will burn at full temperature (fire heat and size dependant of course) for approximately one hour, however, continue to burn and give off heat for much longer. Please note that the fire temperature needs to be sustained to allow the introduction of new Eko-logs to allow them to ignite and burn as above. Any remaining ash from the logs after use can be spread on the garden as a natural fertiliser as the original product is 100% natural plant waste before burning.

Please contact Rob for purchase information.

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