EIP provides intellectual property services for customers looking to secure protection for their invention or brand and is highly-respected for its expertise in software, computing, telecommunications and optics.

EIP has a specific green-tech practice group, EIP Green. The firm’s experience in the green technology field includes future vehicle technologies, solar power systems, wind turbines, electronic device power minimisation and carbon footprint profiling. A key feature of EIP Green is the company’s fast-track service for accelerated processing of patent applications relating to green technology.

The EIP Green practice group is managed by Neil Forsyth, a European and Chartered Patent Attorney responsible for the electronic and mechanical subject matter within EIP Green. Neil’s experience across the green technology sector includes wind turbines, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, renewable energy generation scheduling and low-power digital signal processing.

EIP has particular expertise in life sciences and also acts on all aspects of trademark law and practice, including clearance of new marks, registration, watching and enforcement. Additional services include patent searching and IP strategy management. EIP has offices in London, Bath and Cardiff.