“Creating great architecture and resilient urban design with sustainability at the forefront…”

ee’kos Architecture & Urban Places is a newly formed design practice located in Perth, Western Australia. We bring together architects, landscape architects, designers, and place makers to create beautiful and rational architecture and places.

A Collaborative Model…

ee’kos initiates collaborative engagement with our clients, stakeholders and consultants, in order to develop a project benefiting from the collective skills, experience and knowledge of all parties.

We base our service on a collaborative model because it gives ee’kos the ability to adapt to the brief and resource the project according to program requirements. When specialist advice is required during the early design process for the big-ticket items such as workplace, lifts and services, we hold reviews with our Expert Colleagues for critique and specialist advice. If program requires a push on drawing outputs it gives us ample capacity to increase the documentation team. If you require custom joinery for your project we can invite furniture designers into our workplace. We have adopted this collaborative model as it provides the client with a more efficient, effective and adaptive service – it allows us to focus on the best design and project delivery.

Acting Green, Being Green…

Acting ‘green’ doesn’t just mean we should aim for a sustainable future – this is good, but ‘sustainability’ is a label that can sometimes set a minimum standard. Being green means pushing as far as site, brief and budget allow, to create a result based on a collaborative best effort of all stakeholders. Nearly all of our existing building stock is environmentally inefficient, and if we don’t take advantage of opportunities to give back to our surroundings, then we are missing an opportunity to make a dent in the global footprint of our industry. To give back to our surroundings in the environmental and social sense is to act in a way that is restorative, it is the foundation of the practice and we look for opportunities to explore this.

We strive to create designs that give back to their surroundings and to the people who use them by:

1. Good Design – The easiest way of being sustainable is by designing for the environment from the outset. This costs no more – it is simply about being a good designer.

2. Understanding how much energy and money can be saved through good design, smart decisions at the start of a project, and the use of environmental products and systems to complement these strong fundamentals.

3. Understanding the energy life-cycle of the products and building methods we employ, by selecting the best options available to suit client and site, and by encouraging innovation through researching better ways of producing the building materials we use.

4. By understanding the opportunity that we have to create a built environment that contributes in a positive way to their surroundings and to the people who use them.

We demostrate this through the following design disciplines:

Interior Design
Placemaking & Urban Design