Ecozi supply rainwater harvesting systems throughout the UK. Projects include self-build, other residential, community and visitor centres, schools, care homes, commercial buildings including offices, distribution centres and factories.
• rainwater reuse will replace a typical residential homes mains water consumption by about 50%
• office buildings will be able to replace up to 100% of their toilet flushing demand, depending on the building’s roof area
• industrial buildings that often have large roof areas and require high volumes of non-drinking water for cleaning processes reap the largest savings with payback periods as low as 3 years
• developers with sites that have difficult ground conditions can use rainwater harvesting as mitigation to enable an agreement between building regulations and water companies by reducing the amount of storm water to be discharged to soakaway or water company storm drains
• soft rainwater enhances laundry washing by providing greater comfort to wearers and reduced use of detergents
• Irrigation of gardens and landscapes using rainwater is perfect for plants, the lack of added chlorine provides an ideal growth and healthy environment