Ecosys is an award winning environmental consultancy, established in 1998. We provide a comprehensive range of services to business and local authorities. Our experienced team has helped over 2,000 businesses to cut costs and improve environmental performance.


• Environmental Audits on energy, waste, water & environmental compliance and implementation support. From basic health checks to in-depth audits that highlight practical cost saving actions and compliance advice.
• Carbon management Manage the risks and realise the opportunities from managing carbon emissions. Our systematic approach quantifies carbon use and gives practical advice on reduction and associated cost savings.
• Environmental Management Systems guidance, including BS 8555 & ISO14001. Support to prepare and implement an EMS tailored to business requirements.
• Training on Energy Efficiency, Carbon Management, Utility Management, Waste Minimisation, Water Efficiency, Environmental Legislation, Staff Awareness and Environmental Auditing.
• Data Monitoring & Analysis If you don’t measure it you can’t manage it. Robust data is essential to identify priorities and monitor environmental initiatives. We can guide you through how to effectively analyse utility data, identify trends and priorities, measure your carbon footprint and report findings in ways that are meaningful to key stakeholders.
• Project Management Ecosys has a wealth of experience in successful management of environmental business projects. We have consistently delivered on time, on budget and met or exceeded target outputs.
• Sustainability appraisal & policy research for local and regional government.
• Strategy development researching and proposing sustainable policy options for strategy development, in particular for resource efficiency and waste. Includes ecological footprinting and carbon management as applied to regional and local policy development.

"Ecosys has been a key player in helping local businesses to improve sustainability, reduce utility use and cut costs. I have been consistently impressed by the quality of their project delivery and highly practical training and audit services."
Andy Arnold, Environmental Co-ordinator, East Sussex County Council