Ecosolve™ is an exciting service from Area Project Management that can significantly reduce your energy bills and increase your profits.

Our toolbox of solutions is ever growing with new technologies arriving everyday that could radically reduce your energy needs.

We are already providing our services for businesses wishing to comply with the Governments CRC scheme and client base is broad from retail, banks, water companies, hotel chains, universities and local authorities.

Our long standing work with the Hilton Group received notable praise in March 2010 by the Environment Agency who identified their energy reduction measures as saving more than 45,000 tonnes of CO² (30%)in the last three years, that's praise indeed! Our energy reduction schemes often have a payback period of less than 2 years which means you keep saving energy year on year, every year!

Our team will work with you to understand your specific needs and assess the potential energy savings. We will then present you with a detailed report on where efficiency improvements can be made.

And by working with your facilities teams we will ensure our services are harmonised with your businesses commitments. That means minimal disruption, the final scheme will not only function better but it will start saving you money from the moment it’s used!

Our services range from voltage optimisation through to property wide solutions for water, electricity and gas.

For more information visit our website on or to arrange a survey to
determine the energy and cost savings you can achieve, call us now on 01483 233956 or email