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Ecopurer utilises a revolutionary new technology which has been proven to significantly reduce the pollution around us, simply, cheaply and without environmental side effects.

This extensive range of photocatalytic products transform urban, retail and home surfaces into active air purifying mechanisms which also have self-cleaning, antibacterial and de-odourising properties.

A photocatalytic reaction imitates the chlorophyllic photosynthesis of trees in their absorption and transformation of pollutants into non-toxic elements, using just light and air.

By utilising the catalytic properties of titanium dioxide (Ti02) scientists have discovered how to achieve the perfect formula for Ecopurer products, as well as how to optimise their performance and produce them at a competitive price.

In the presence of light and air, Ecopurer products oxidise organic and inorganic substances which cause pollution, transforming them into harmless nitrates and carbonates. These residues, measured in parts per million are innocuous.

Photocatalytic products are ecoactive. They make an active contribution to improving the quality of the air, our health and therefore our lives by utilising natural resources, oxygen from the air and sunlight from the sun.

Please contact us for a range of products that are available for purchase.

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