Ecomodo lets you lend & borrow each other’s everyday objects, skills & spaces with confidence. Choose to lend for free, for a fee or for charity.

Use Ecomodo to ..
• Make money by lending assets you already own.
• Save money by borrowing the things you don’t need often.
• Fundraise for your favourite good cause by donating your profit
• Create circles amongst your peers and control who to lend to.
• Live a rich and more sustainable life
• Share what you have and help the people around you.
Ecomodo enriches your local community by creating a pooled resource that gives you and everyone around you, the chance to live rich lives with minimal financial and environmental impact.

Imagine if you can, the sheds, lofts, garages and cupboards of your neighbours, friends and colleagues all opened up for you to use. Think about what’s in your shed.

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