About Ecometrica

• Ecometrica is a company of world leading specialists and experts in greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, ecosystem services, climate change policy, remote sensing and web based programming.

• Ecometrica has unrivalled experience in the development and application of all major standards for GHG accounting, ecosystem change measurement and monitoring.

• Ecometrica’s mission is to make accounting for GHG emissions and ecosystem changes easier for all organisations, including business and government - by making our expertise available through a comprehensive range of web-based and professional consulting services.

• Ecometrica’s approach is to take the hard work out of greenhouse gas and ecosystem metrics by providing access to their advanced methods and research experience.

• Ecometrica works with an international network of professional services partners - providing them with the tools that they need to deliver their own client services with accuracy, completeness and relevance and with greater speed and efficiency than any other method.

• Smart investor Stanley Fink, the ‘godfather’ of the UK hedge fund industry is a main investor in Ecometrica.

• Clients include: Department for Energy and Climate Change, DfT, Scottish Government, National Express Group, Royal and Sun Alliance, Royal Mail Group, Norwegian Government (NORAD), Canadian Standards Agency.