The Ecoisland Partnership CIC is a Community Interest Company whose aim is to make the Isle of Wight the first sustainable region in Britain. Run by members of the Community and in the interests of the Community, Ecoisland has a detailed vision of how the Island can achieve sustainability in terms of energy, water, food and fuel over the coming years.

This Greenprint is a new socio-economic model that will see a wide range of renewable technologies installed with the resulting generated energy integrating with a smart electrical grid, enabling us to become energy independent from Mainland Britain and, in the longer term, an energy exporter. Revenue streams from these projects will enable a raft of Community initiatives including localised food growth, reduced fuel bills and education. Demonstrating the effectiveness of the partnership approach, we are working with the considerable resources and expertise of our corporate and technology Partners to progress a wide range of projects including carbon reduction and energy efficiency measures for local businesses, alternative fuel transport infrastructure and water conservation. In the longer term, the large amount of inward investment involved will lead to increased jobs across the Island and provide a replicable model that will be shared with other communities.

Eventually, our Eco Centre will become the physical interpretation of the Ecoisland Vision and establish the Isle of Wight as a European green tourism destination and a beacon of sustainable living to the rest of the world.