In line with the development and growth of Ecoflap and Jessel Innovations, our existing business structure has had to evolve to meet new challenges and opportunities.The Partnership that has been Jessel Innovations and all Ecoflap brand products from now will in future come under an new organization Ecoflaps Ltd.
Ecoflaps Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 07816243.
We're here to solve problematic letter boxes with Ecoflap. If you don't have flappers, snappers or rattlers, worn brushesI or broken springs, our Letter Box System is DEFINATELY not for you.
The Ecoflap, is built on improved design. Constantly.
Whilst Jessel Innovations the new standard format for the Ecoflap was released.
Using the real world experiences of our customers to make the brilliant Ecoflap even better we are proud to announce the Ecoflap EX. now the Standard Ecoflap.
It is hard to improve on the Ecoflap but we think we have managed to do that with just three new enhancements in design.
First the new look is smooth and sleek with no ribbing on the back plate, we have done away with the need for it.
The plate now has a full depth aluminium insert to ensure rigidity of flap even against extreme weather conditions.
The flap surface now has a rubberised over moulding on mating surfaces which provides an even better seal and quieter closing under all conditions.
The Ecoflap Twin Letter Box System is coming to market soon. Thi
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