EcoCooling evaporative cooling provides a simple, safe and low cost solution to the cooling of people and processes. This technology can produce 35Kw of cooling for every 1KW of electricity consumed and cost 90% less to run than traditional refrigeration based air conditioning.

Whether you work in an office, warehouse, factory, shop or showroom, most places require cooling in the summer months.

Until recently the only cooling solution has been refrigeration based air conditioning and this has been restricted to high yielding accommodation such as shops or offices. Furthermore recent spiralling energy prices have put energy efficiency at the top of everybody’s “to do” list and have raised questions about the sustainability of traditional air conditioning.

The EcoCooling range of evaporative coolers has been specifically designed to take into account the UK’s climate, water quality, and health & safety regulations
to provide a simple, safe, low cost alternative to air conditioning. Up to 35kw of cooling can be provided from just 1kw of electricity. There is no need for an expensive 3 phase power supply. One cooler can cover an area of approximately 200sqm or can be used for spot cooling of production lines or machinery.

Installed at approximately 25% of the cost of a traditional refrigeration based air conditioning system, and with only 10% of the running costs companies can truly save money, and help the environment. Small to medium sized companies can qualify for an interest free unsecured loan for a 4 year period from the carbon trust due to these savings and public authorities can now apply for Salix funding if they install an EcoCooling system.

The EcoCooling system is designed as part of a balanced ventilation system. It
provides cool fresh air through a carefully designed ventilation system which directs the cooled air through the building to the areas where it is needed most whilst expelling the hot air through open doors or extract fans. The Air off temperature is dependant on the ambient temperature and in the UK EcoCooling can guarantee that the air coming off our coolers is never above 24C - we can also guarantee MHRA compliancy. Many companies have now installed our product from schools and fitness centres to warehouses and factories and they are all benefiting from reduced costs and improved air quality.

We have a small team of professional contractors who are fully trained and have access to our extensive technical knowledge and back up, allowing them to provide customers in a wide variety of businesses with a complete turnkey solution to include design, installation & maintenance.

EcoCoolers are installed as part of a balanced ventilation system to provide a constant flow of fresh and cooled air to provide comfortable conditions.
The building is ventilated using the evaporative cooler to provide a constant source of cooled air. The system is balanced using extract ventilation.
The control systems can accommodate a timer, thermostat and humidistat. Coolers can be controlled individually or in groups.

Open doors and windows have no adverse effect on the performance

Top and Side discharge cooler options are available where roof access or roof penetrations are not possible.

Plenums, conventional ducts or fabric socks are used to distribute the air.

Typically installed for under £6,500, these systems are 25% of the cost of a comparable air conditioning system.

Total costs will vary according to the building structure, air distribution system and availability of services.

Legionnaires’ disease
Many potential end-users are concerned with Legionnaires’ disease. Sophisticated process controls and a low water operating temperature provide a low risk cooler. Full documentation is available to fulfil all requirements of ACOP L8.

The simple controls provide both peace of mind and confidence that all legislative responsibilities have been fulfilled. 2006 saw the first installation of EcoCooling evaporative coolers in a UK hospital at Queens NHS Trust, Burton on Trent.

Energy consumption
At under 15p per hour to run - an EcoCooling evaporative cooler is typically less than 12% of the running cost of a comparable air-conditioning system.

A demonstration of a mobile unit can be arranged at your premises. This shows in detail the construction of the system, the approach to Legionella control and the thermal performance of evaporative coolers.

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