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Eco Thirst

Atmos 28/T1 atmospheric water generator

The Atmos 28/T1 is a state of the art atmospheric water generating machine with an easy to use touch screen display.

It simply draws the water from the humidity and transforms it into the , freshest, drinking water available on the planet today. Up to 28 litres of water is produced per day and is free from any chemicals or additives.

The Atmos 28/T1 even filters the dust from the air and acts as a great de-humidifier, making your environment more pleasant to live and work in. The Atmos 28/T1 makes for an and alternative to bottled and tap water.

This system is especially suited for: schools; universities; offices; dental practices;
doctors' surgeries; hospitals; industry; hotels; and residences.

• Creates up to 28 litres per day of the purest, freshest drinking water, at a cost of less than 0.09p per litre
• No need for plastic bottled or mains fed water coolers as this system has its own internal storage tank, which is far better for the environment
• The water is free from chemicals and additives
• The Atmos 28/T1 cleans the air you breath while dehumidifying the area it is located in, thereby creating a more pleasant living or working environment
• The Atmos 28/T1 is the answer to a more greener and eco-friendly water supply
• Cost effective and low on electricity
• The Atmos 28/T1 puts you in control of your drinking water requirements
• Dispenses hot or cold water (hot water on request)
• Can also be mains fed to your water supply to act as a "reverse osmosis" purifier

Please contact us if you would like to purchase the Atmos 28/T1.

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