The team at Eco-Promotions are normal, everyday people. We wouldn't class ourselves as eco-warriors, just parents (mostly). Through work and everyday life we have found ourselves exposed more and more to the eco-story and taken a subject that was to begin with a personal project into a business opportunity.

Now we aim to create a Portal of Information, advice and product for the consumer and the corporate buyer to understand the issues and then help with the 'doing' - taking action part.

Business and Industry leaders now recognise that taking a stand on Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer an option, it is beginning to be the expected norm, for a short time it may produce benefits in the form of customer loyalty and new business - in the long term it will be a standard requirement for a 'sustainable business'.

Social and environmental issues now matter to your consumers, all sectors of society are demanding action. Business and Corporate brands need to show the world they care and show what they can do.

First came My Eco Store,, an on-line shop for the domestic consumer to make small changes to everyday life, collectively this will make a difference, individually if nothing else - will actually save you money! Smart Energy Meters, tumble dryer balls, low-energy light bulbs will all help reduce electricity bills, save money if nothing else.

Eco Promotions, using some of our contributors background knowledge in printed promotional products we are searching for eco-friendly products that we can print with your name, logo and web site. The range and quality is surprisingly good, choice grows daily. Promotional products are distributed to customers and prospects, printed with your details, show your consumers you have taken action and you do care - choose an eco friendly promotional product.

What next......once our product range is wide enough to meet the most demanding marketing departments brief we'll look to other areas we can provide Green Solutions for Business : energy saving tips for business, eco stationery, eco print, eco electricity, waste collection etc...there is so much material to work this space....or join our Blog!