At Eco Environments we have a passion for helping people and businesses cut their energy costs, and therefore their environmental impact. We believe that reducing your carbon footprint can only be a good thing for you, your family and the planet.

We understand that there are many unknowns when it comes to Climate Change, and the impact of our high carbon lifestyles. There is a weight of evidence that suggests our current levels of carbon dioxide emmisions are causing significant changes to our global climate and environment, possibly irreperable damage. Whilst no one really knows the exact outcome of climate change there are some things that we do know for sure

• Renewable energy is a free and infinate source of clean power. The harnessing of wind and solar power is a zero, or very low carbon way of generating your own electricity, forever.

• Through a combination of insulation, low energy lighting, efficient heating and power controls, and other measures it is possible to significantly reduce your energy consumption.

• Energy prices are increasing rapidly, and all the predictions are that they will continue to do so.

• Unless you are the chairman of a utility company cutting energy bills has to be a good thing. Surely the money you save can be better spent elsewhere in your business, on home improvements, or on your (low carbon!) leisure activities?

So, whether your priority is the planet, your pocket, or both, Eco Environments has the range of products and services to help achieve the changes you want to make. We have the passion and experience to help you find the answers you need, tailor make the solutions you require, and leave you satisfied with the outcome of your project.