eco-wand is a small company with a big product that has applications worldwide wherever people heat or cool the living and working space.

Winner of the HVR Sustainable Product of the Year Award 2011

eco-wand is a simple idea with lots of uses. The basic product is a low cost electronic measurement wand which looks like a memory stick and measures the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere around itself. We call it the ComfoMeter. The temperature and humidity information is fed into your computer via a USB port. The real power of the system lies in the software program. By using the immense power of even the simplest desktop, laptop or netbook, we can show you how to save energy in your own particular situation. Because we are harnessing the power of computers already sitting on desks etc, we can make the system very low cost. There are a number of different overlapping applications, the two main being Saving Energy at Home and Saving Energy at Work.

The work we are doing has been recognised by the Digital Entrepreneur Awards who have shortlisted us in the Green section for 2010

Saving Energy at Home – We all know when we are comfortable and when we are uncomfortable. The eco-wand ComfoMeter system shows how you can be comfortable using minimum heating energy. The people who design big heating systems have, over the years, developed the concept of Comfort Zone. In conjunction with University departments, they have tested peoples concept of comfort. Obviously if it is too hot or too cold, we feel uncomfortable but the temperature range in which we feel comfortable changes depending on the humidity. When it gets more humid, the range of most comfortable temperatures narrows and drops, ie we feel uncomfortable when it is hot and muggy. It used to be that if we were cold we turned on a heater and if too warm, turned on the air-conditioner. Both of these use energy. There are alternatives. The other factors effecting comfort are the clothing we are wearing and the airflow across our body. The software allows you to enter these and shows how they effect your comfort. It advises on appropriate levels and shows how far from ideal you are. Ideal is living on the edge of the comfort zone.

You can do much more than just turn the thermostat down a degree. With the eco-wand ComfoMeter you can set the conditions to the most economic commensurate with comfort 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.

Other features allow you to check the suitability of your timer settings and the performance of your insulation.

Saving Energy in the Workplace – At your workstation, you have the facilities you can use at home but changing heating/cooling settings usually involve other people like the boss, the person at the next desk, buildings department etc but if you think energy is being wasted it is worth it.

But the biggest benefit in the workplace is to the building people responsible for the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) system. With the ComfoMeter, they can quickly check any complaint. They can check the temperature distribution across a large office or within a building or within a whole complex. The intranet data logging features allow the data to be gathered in a single place and viewed remotely as a whole.

Other Applications – People like Art and Antique dealers and collectors will find it useful to monitor the viewing and storage areas to check that they are suitable for their collections. Horticulturists and Animal husbandry people also need to keep a check that conditions are right.

We have also found applications in teaching HVAC engineers and architects about comfort and what effects it.

Well-being is another application. With the inbuilt e-mail on alarm feature, the ComfoMeter can alert on Heat Stroke, Hypothermia and Condensation conditions.

Another application is monitoring computer and other electronic equipment for overheating. Overheating reduces the the lifetime of equipment and reduces the mean time between failures. Call Centres, Dealing Rooms and small Server farms could benefit as well as the many racks of computer controlled electronic engineering equipment.