e-fficient Energy Systems Ltd is a privately owned specialist engineering company focused on developing leading edge Voltage Management systems.

The company is based in Dinnington, South Yorkshire.

Since launching in 2009, e-fficient Energy has become the UK’s technical leader in Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation systems maximising electricity savings and carbon footprint reduction.

They have an expanding range of UK Engineered products designed for the commercial and domestic markets.

Their systems and approach give them a number of key USP’s:

- Their eVO+R™ intelligent Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation range offers up to 37% higher electricity savings when compared to fixed Voltage Optimisation systems

- Fixed Voltage Optimisation systems typically offer 6% or 8% voltage reduction - eVO+R™ Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation systems automatically maximise the savings possible.

- They uniquely have adopted the Carbon Trust's methodology for conducting, evaluating and reporting on Site Surveys and this enables them to most accurately determine the appropriate system specification and accurately forecast the savings to be delivered.

- All systems are equipped with Automatic and Manual Mains Fail By-pass Functions to ensure 100% continuity of supply.

- Their unique intelligent Buck & Boost system regulates over and under voltage down to the desired voltage setpoint irrespective of Voltage fluctuations from the National Grid - ensures a consistent supply voltage at all times.