DuCool developed and manufacture "green" air treatment units for cooling, dehumidifying and cleaning the air.

Our technology is unique since it can utilize renewable energy or waste heat in relatively low temperature to power our air treatment units.
Solar cooling, air condition units for CHP applications and more.

Our systems advantages :

1. Decreases energy consumption of Air condition systems
2. Independent control over humidity and temperature
3. Utilizing renewable and sustainable energies
4. High Indoor air quality - eliminates 95% of bacteria in the air.

It is a different solution from absorption chiller since this is an Air to Air ( Absorption chiller water to water) unit which combines the ability to use heat to generate air condition and dehumidification, improves the air quality and reduces energy consumption when added to a standard AC system.

Perfect application for : Ice Rinks, Hotel, Schools, Pharmaceutical industry, supermarkets,Hospitals, Office buildings ,Plastic industry and more