We are proponents of energy efficient buildings, using low carbon cladding technology to isolate exterior walls from the effects of air leakage, moisture and heat loss, which more than meets the needs of the built environment.

Dryvit started it all with Outsulation® - cladding buildings and boosting energy efficiency with continuous exterior insulation since 1969... The original exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS). Dryvit Outsulation® makes a big impact, while occupying a small ecological footprint -

As the name suggests, Outsulation® systems place insulation on the outside of the building, and are the most effective solution for meeting today’s energy code requirements for Continuous Insulation (C.I.). But there is much more to Outsulation® than (C.I.) alone. Outsulation® systems with moisture drainage are engineered to include an air- and water-resistive barrier as well as durable, aesthetically diverse finish options, which work together to form a single, seamless and sustainable cladding. Outsulation® systems have been rigorously tested to perform in all climates, and since 1969 have been used on over 450,000 projects of all shapes and sizes around the world. Whether for new construction or renovation, commercial or residential, Dryvit offers a proven solution to meet the needs of your next project.