Peter Mowbray established Dragonheat 'Energy from Waste' in 1975, as a private company. In the nineteen-seventies straw disposal was a problem for most Lincolnshire farmers; and with the high cost of heating oil, Peter identified burning as an obvious solution. Coupled with his farming background he realised that there was a demand for robust, trouble-free equipment: Peter is proud to say that most of Dragonheat's early models are still working 24 years later.

Dragonheat has always been innovative and was the first company to use fans to control the burning of straw irrespective of the fuel quality and wind conditions. Dragonheat designed and developed hot air heaters, which are particularly cost effective for agricultural and horticultural applications.

Mr. Mowbray soon realised that with the increased cost of heating using electricity, gas or oil; much energy could be recovered from any waste and that factories could utilise their waste products by turning the waste into energy for use in the factory processes. This saves costs in two ways, firstly by recovering energy from the waste, and secondly by saving on waste-disposal costs.

Due to the seasonality of the heating business some of our manufacturing is sub-contracted, but always subject to our quality control, and it gives the flexibility to respond swiftly to our customers requirements. We are so confident of our quality that everything we make has three years' guarantee.

We have always endeavoured to give quality, reliability, value and service. Through innovation and development we plan to keep in the forefront of waste minimisation.