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Dimplex UK Limited

Dimplex ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps use collectors buried in the ground in the form of either horizontal loops, "slinkies" or in vertically-drilled boreholes, depending on the space available. They do not require "hot rocks" (geothermal energy) and can be installed in most of the UK. Heat pumps can extract up to 75% of the heating energy they produce from the environment, with the only running cost being the electrical energy needed for the compressor. So for every 1kWh of energy used, up to 4kWh of useful heat is provided.

Dimplex manufactures a range of ground source heat pumps—some models have a heating capacity of up to 130kW. If you would like more information about Dimplex ground source heat pumps, please send us an enquiry and we can talk about your requirements.

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28 Nov 2010

This is so true! In McGraw-Hill's new book, "Geothermal HVAC, Green heating and Cooling", I read the facts...there is no technology that can do more to save consumers more money than geothermal heat pumps. This is not a dry textbook either. It's full of real life stories and engaging examples of the technology in use by real people. A great big thank you to McGraw-Hill for making this technology main stream! Just Google "Geothermal Book" and you'll be amazed.

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