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Delphis Eco

11 Nov 2010 01:11:03

Delphis Eco speech at Start Garden Party

Mark Jankovich, MD of Delphis Eco, was invited to speak at Clarence House during the Start Garden Party to Make a Difference where Delphis Eco were exhibiting.

Below is an excerpt from his speech.

Total lifecycle analysis is a forward thinking green approach to daily living. When measuring the "greenness" of a product we must consider its full lifecycle, not simply the end result. Once we realise that a product's environmental credentials comes from all stages of its production, including ingredients, production processes, packaging, transport, use and disposal we can begin to make informed and responsible purchasing decisions. As manufacturers of EU Ecolabel accredited cleaning solutions, Delphis Eco understands the need to be "green at every stage".

1) How many products do you have under your sink?
2) Who loves the fresh citrus smell of the washroom cleaner?
3) What percentage of the cleaning is done by all those lovely bubbles when washing up?
4) When you see super thick, do you think super concentrated?
5) Do you think the bright colour is part of the cleaning compound?

The reality is that if it smells nice or has a bright colour then it's usually not great for the environment. Thick doesn't necessarily mean super concentrated and high foaming doesn't always mean great cleaning.

The critical issue we must consider is what lasting impact do the chemicals we use and the way we make them and dispose of them have on the environment?

We at Delphis Eco abide by our motto "be green at every stage", from the initial manufacturing of our products to their disposal at the end of use. There are four aspects of a product’s lifestyle. When considering the full impact of any product we need to consider all of these.

• Raw materials
What are they? Where have they come from and how have they been sourced? Are they sustainable ingredients?

Traditionally, the main raw materials for cleaning agents are petrochemical based and the drilling and refining process has a huge carbon dioxide and environmental impact. These agents (surfactants) do not biodegrade easily, and are thus harmful to our watercourses. Thankfully technology has moved forward allowing us to clean just as efficiently and effectively as these petrochemical based products, but with minimal environmental impact. Our chemicals are predominately plant-based and made from renewable and sustainable resources and are fully biodegradable. Added to this, they are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-harmful to marine and aquatic life.

• Production
Do the products consist of the most efficient chemical combination, therefore requiring the least amount of chemical to do the job? Is the production process as efficient as possible with minimal waste produced?

We don't believe in having idle production capacity so we outsource the manufacture of our products to UK based factories when required, so we are operating at 100% efficiency. Innovative thinking at Delphis Eco is resulting in cutting edge products which are powerful, efficient and cost-effective.

• Ready-to-use vs. concentrates
The first step one can take is to start buying in concentrates which reduces the amount of packaging and shipping required. We actively encourage the buying of concentrates as it removes the unnecessary transport of water. With the chemicals transported at their most concentrated, they are at their most environmentally efficient. Cutting down the weight consumers transport home also helps cut down carbon dioxide emissions.

• Disposal
What happens to the product when flushed down the drain and what happens to the packaging when disposed of?

Our final product is 100% environmentally friendly as it is fully biodegradable and recyclable. From the plant-based cleaning surfactant, the waterless and chemical free printing process, the biodegradable labels and glue down to the recyclable bottle and trigger, every aspect of our bottles of cleaning products will put a smile on Mother Nature's face. When our toilet cleaner is flushed away, instead of contaminating the water course, it cleans the pipes up until it fully biodegrades back into the earth.

Mark Jankovich at Delphis Eco is delighted to observe that more consumers are seeking genuine ecological alternatives. The Start Garden Party was a great awareness event that encourages all consumers to carry on applying pressure to retailers to offer genuine ecological alternatives.

This press release can also be downloaded. To know more about Delphis Eco, please see our products and case studies listed here on Low Carbon Economy, and feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

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