At DayLeit, our energy experts understand that your "green solution" must align with good business solutions. That is why our custom lighting solutions of LED and Plasma-Induction lamps and fixtures, coupled with our SmartLease program have been so popular with our clients and their bottom line. We didn't invent LED or Plasma-Induction lighting; we just make it better and make it work.

What We Do For You

There is no silver bullet or magic potion to cure our energy bils, but a better lighting system is not only "low hanging fruit" but "BIG hanging fruit." We use the best components available or else design our own parts to meet our clients' diverse lighting needs. The deep energy and maintenance savings that come from LED and Plasma-Induction lighting more than offset your lease payments with our SmartLease Program.

Consider that electricity for lighting accounts for as much as 45%-65% of many office's utility bills. DayLeit's lighting technologies use 50%-90% less energy than other lighting technologies, which save not only on lighting, but about 30% on air conditioning as well. Every watt of electricity for lighting is a watt of heat burdening your AC system.