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11 Jul 2012 10:07:40

The TED video

Doing something different is very difficult these days as there is so much talk on the internet of this and that. And with video all over the web showing both good and bad things that happen to people as it happens can you afford not to make yourself stand out from the crowed. We sell miniature soap & shampoos for hotels so what can we do I thought so I started some research.

I saw a video of a guy at an outside concert, he was stood up on his own and dancing well like a mad man. Everybody looked at him as though something had gone wrong with him and he had a space around him where nobody dared to go.

Now this is where the interesting thing comes in and it is very surprising to watch how people react. Now remember this guy was being mocked, had a huge exclusion zone around him and yet however one guy thought he would buck the trend and join the revolution. He stood out with this guy followed his movements and became one with him. This meant there where now two people in the exclusion zone and people still stared and kept their distance.

Within moments a third person joined them then a fourth and very quickly a fifth, sixth and then within seconds 20,30 then 40 people joined him mimicked his movements and became the “in” crowed. They became that popular that the old crowed the ones that mocked him now became the people being mocked the ones that stand out as being different the ones that are “stuck in their was” not flexible not willing to change etc.

So what is the moral of this story? Well it just goes to prove that change although painful at first, and one that may make you stand out from the crowd in a not good way will with a bit of persistence and a keen follower or two can soon turn into a tidal wave and become the new big thing.

So how will you make the change what will you do differently?
Oh by the way you can see the video for yourself here at TED it is only a few minutes long and may very well change your life. It has mine that is for sure.

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