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D W Supplies

01 May 2012 11:05:52

Recycled toilet paper, its up to you

This is the first in the series of posts relating to the subject of toilet paper. I know toilet paper is not a sexy subject in fact it’s not a subject many people want to talk read or even hear about so why am I writing this blog you ask and that’s a great question. Well put simply it is because toilet rolls are part of my everyday life as a toilet roll distributer and as toilet paper is a part of every bodies life.

In fact I would like to bet it’s one of Britain’s highest “consumed” products the nation buys and uses daily. With 66 million people in the UK the vast majority of which will use toilet tissue on a daily basis so I will let you do the maths to how many toilet rolls are used in an average week.

So you can now see although it’s not an interesting subject it does have a fair following and is a necessity we all use without even thinking about it. Could you image what life would be like without toilet paper? A scary thought and like most things we take for granted a thought we would rather not have as it’s not likely to happen or is it?

Well toilet paper is made from paper which is made from trees and these trees are being felled at an alarming rate so it should be something we all thing about. There are choices of course you can have a toilet paper made from recycled paper so they are more environmentally friendly. I know the thought of recycled puts many people off however it’s once used newspaper and office paper which is deinked then bleached and mixed with pure pulp (virgin paper).

Recycled paper was once the cheap option however now recycled paper is very popular its almost the same price as pure pulp. Some environmentalists disagree with recycling paper as the act of recycling is not always environmentally friendly as the use of bleach and other harsh chemicals is not un heard of. So do remember this post when you next purchase toilet paper.

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