What is Freight Exchange?

Freight Exchange provide a platform that allows carriers to communicate freight traffic information to fellow operators such as transporters, forwarders and logistics companies. They allow forwarders to advertise their freight either privately or publicly to a large number of freight operators that are looking for loads. They also allow freight operators to offer vehicle space.

Here at Freight Exchange we have provided a solution to meet Customers & Couriers needs E.g a Customer Can register for Free to find Empty Vehicles or just simply list a load for Free, allowing Couriers to obtain the loads at no Cost which also mean they Register For Free we have no hidden costs or fee's.

Who Can Benefit With Freight Exchange -

Owner operators
Operations managers
Transport/Logistics managers
Transport/Logistics planners
eBay Sellers

Customers -

List your delivery for free
Find an empty Vehicle
Choose who's best for you!

Benefits for Customers -

Customers can list anything from House Removals, Furniture, Vehicles, Pallets, Containers, Liquids, Frozen Food...
which a Courier with a suitable Vehicle would contact you with a quote to obtain that load all Security checks are Customers Responsibility. Freight Exchange does not hold liability for the Content listed by the Customer

Couriers -

No lead, sign up or subscription fee's
See a current Load
Keep your vehicles running full

Benefits For Couriers-

Making the best use of a vehicle has the potential to reduce your costs much more significantly than by
reducing fuel consumption alone. Increasing miles per gallon will save a percentage of the fuel cost of all
journeys, but reducing the mileage that is done to carry cut a job will save 100% of the fuel and operating costs
for those avoided miles.

Making best use of the available load space in every vehicle trip can help to reduce the mileage covered per
job. It can be achieved through a variety of means including back-loading, consolidating loads, load
stacking, and the use of multiple-decked vehicles.

This guide covers back-loading best practice and outlines how you can save money by making the best
use of your resources: fuel, vehicles and drivers. It provides practical advice to help integrate and increase
back-loading within your business in order to improve profitability and operational efficiency and reduce empty
or light running..

If you carry your own loads on return journeys, utilizing
your vehicles spare capacity instead of sending out an
additional vehicle, can result in:

Cost savings through reduced fuel and other operating costs

Increased fleet capacity (vehicles are available for alternative jobs), or a reduction in fleet size

If you pick up other Customers goods on the empty or partially loaded return trip of an outbound delivery, the
benefits can include:

Increased revenue on existing routes from additional work

Access to a wider customer base and future haulage work

Better use of information and greater collaboration between operators and suppliers

- Return Loads, Back loads, Freight Matching European database of loads and road haulage capacity
Cargo Exchange -

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