We are a group of individuals who strongly believe that we have the power to make a positive difference to our planet and to the future generations worldwide. Like you, we are concerned by the state of our environment and by the ever increasing carbon emissions.

We understand that researchers, scientists are doing everything they can to create clean sources of energy, which will allow us to consume freely without damaging our beautiful planet and all the species who live on it and that includes us too! We don't know how long it will take before that groundbreaking idea materializes and is cost efficient enough to reach everyone. Unfortunately time is not a commodity that we have in abundance and whether we realize it or not, the earth clock is really ticking.

That's why we've created cooltribe.com. In this era of global warming, our aim is to keep the planet cool! Cooltribe.com is an international social networking site with a green conscience. We aim to become the world number 1 eco-ethical online community. Join us to meet like-minded people, share your views or tips, post your pictures and videos, create groups, read our daily news, submit your news to the editor and show the world, we're not just tree huggers. Every day, cooltribe.com will publish an action related to the environment or the ethical market in general and we challenge YOU to give it a try. Want to take our daily action challenge? click here. We will also provide a daily discussion topic and we welcome YOU to air your views and thoughts. Click here

Cooltribe will also provide the most comprehensive directory of ethical products and services. The directory will supply users with an exhaustive listing of environmental/ethical products and services. The directory will cover various categories including ethical financing, eco real estate, recycling, eco-tourism, renewable energy amongst others.

Come on, join us and let's make the world a cooler place!