Conditionaire Limited was formed in 1994 to develop a range of energy saving products to work on existing air conditioning units.

After a number of years in development the AES Aircon Energy Saver® was launched and quickly became established as the leading energy saving product for air conditioning units. This has culminated in the product being awarded the prestigious ‘National Energy Efficiency Award’ products category for 2006.

Our sister company Comford Resource Limited operating out of Hong Kong was formed in 2005 to service the volume of business being developed in the Far East and Australia. Manufacturing operations were switched from Germany to state of the art facilities in Shenzhen China about an hour away from the Hong Kong office.

We are now committed to ongoing research and development in all areas of energy efficiency in order to reduce carbon emissions. We aim to deliver significant improvements to the environment through innovative energy saving products.

Our research and development department based in Hong Kong are currently developing new products or evaluating third party products for inclusion within our portfolio. These products include energy saving for refrigeration and refrigerated vehicles, fuel saving devices for vehicles and energy saving units for most types of boilers.

It is our intention to build a worldwide distributorship for our own products and third party products that we believe are worthy of promoting alongside our own.