Compare My Solar is a new and innovative website that helps consumers to learn about the potential of solar panels for their own roof without going through a lengthy process of getting custom quotes. We offer a quick and simple overview of system prices and the experience of local installers and details about ROI for the selected roof. Buying solar panels can be a daunting task, but becomes clear, quick and easy with CompareMySolar

The website is free to use for consumers and has launched in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. The comparison is based on the unique roof selected by the consumer, and local installers show price, ROI, their experience, warranties and system specifications. When interested, the consumer can request a detailed quote of site visit from up to three chosen solar installers.

Solar installers are using this service to get into contact with highly interested customers. They save a lot of time and money in their quotation process by focusing on well informed customers that specifically request a site visit or detailed quote from their company, and have instant access to all roof details from the customer.

Solar panels on your roof become clear and with Compare My Solar.