Company Shop has over twenty years experience providing surplus stock solutions to leading food and supermarket brand owners, offering a unique approach to managing residual stock sustainably.

We have developed a solution that delivers both financial and environmental
benefit with a return on products and reduced waste impact.

Our unique business model has been adopted by the majority of the UK's supermarkets and many leading food brands, to provide a safe, environmentally sound, cost effective and discrete solution for the disposal of surplus stock.

Company Shop began as a wholesale business over 40 years ago, supplying irregulars to institutional outlets. In 1985 the business evolved to adopt the model it still uses today, establishing a membership based shop at its Tankersley site and factory shops for staff located in manufacturing premises throughout the United Kingdom.

The business is focused on protecting brand values through a controlled method of disposal of residual product, and the provision of an environmentally efficient solution for produce that is not only more cost effective than landfill but a more ethical alternative.