Coatema prepreg systems, from lab scale to turn-key production plants, have as much automation and continuous running capability as is practical for the application and machine budget. This can include: automated roll or bobbin changes with accumulators and splicers; closed-loop monitoring and adjustment of warp and weft parameters and impregnation or coating loading and thicknesses controls.

Critical systems are designed to address the nature of the materials being processed for simplified and safe maintenance and cleaning. This can include special machine surface treatments and coatings, removable maintenance intensive modules and ease of access features.

Robust and flexible resin and epoxy materials preparation, delivery and circulation systems meet the most demanding requirement for product purity and longevity. They can be equipped to continuously monitor and make automatic adjustments for fluid level, temperature and viscosity.

Total web or warp management systems can include floatation, roller, belt or tenter supported transportation with precise tension control, material guiding, pre-cleaning, pre-heating and weft alignment.

All Coatema prepreg lines include continuous monitoring for potentially hazardous situations with automatic and manual emergency shut-off and lock-out features. All guarding, alarms, safety and environmental protection standards necessary to comply with international and local environmental and safety standards are included.

A complete offering of finishing processes can be built-in including calendering, slitting, slip sheeting, roll reduction, wrapping and packaging ready for shipment to the end user.

Coatema's Dormagen, Germany R&D center is a complete production scale laboratory that has been especially valuable for prepreg production R&D. In addition to offering the opportunity to test machines and application methods the center is staffed with experts in materials selection and preparation. Coatema has established satellite R&D centers in the United States and in Asia.