CO2Sense Yorkshire was set up by Yorkshire Forward to reduce carbon emissions in the region and to help businesses to grow.

We help companies in the environmental sector to grow by developing new markets, providing support and technical advice, and by providing access to finance to help them to grow their businesses.

We help the region’s top companies and organisations to reduce their carbon emissions by developing bespoke carbon reduction strategies. These action plans include introducing them to low carbon products, helping them to generate less waste and to recycle more, helping them to access low carbon energy and to adapt their business plans to the effects of climate change.

Through a wide range of projects, and partnerships with organisations such as the Carbon Trust and Business Link, we support all businesses in the region to improve their resource efficiency, access low carbon products, and implement wood fuel heating – often saving money as well as CO2.

We are also working to enable the development of a carbon capture and storage (CCS) network in the region. This will attract tens of £billions of inward investment and create around 55,000 jobs for local companies in sectors such as engineering, manufacturing and project management.