CO2Sense helps businesses and organisations in Yorkshire and Humber to prosper and grow in the new Low Carbon Economy.

We deliver our service through twin approaches: creating the supply; and building the demand.

When it comes to creating the supply, CO2Sense helps environmental sector companies to start-up, grow and launch new green products and services. We also research and develop new markets and help businesses access funding and grants.

For building the demand, our expert teams and range of partners support enterprises large and small across the region in using and reusing their resources more efficiently, cutting energy costs and reducing emissions.

For the region’s largest organisations, we have a team of commercially-minded specialists, dedicated to helping meet carbon reduction commitments and increase revenue from carbon trading.

In addition, CO2Sense helps those companies looking to source and generate low-carbon forms of energy, and we also assist organisations which operate in the reuse and recycling sectors.

Finally, we work with our business partners such as Business Link and Envirowise.