Launched in February 2008, the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net) is the initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to promote national, regional and global action and involvement in climate neutrality at all levels of society.
Based on an interactive website, the CN Net gives participants a platform to present their strategies in climate neutrality to the world, providing visibility and inspiring others. It functions as a network for information exchange and sharing of practical experiences, making the best available knowledge on climate neutrality widely available to all.
The CN Net website provides easily searchable information on increased energy efficiency, reduced emissions and the use of clean and renewable energy. Its information is relevant to sectors as diverse as construction, tourism, agrifood and information and communication technologies.

The Climate Neutral Network goals include:

* Making public the inspiring plans and strategies that pioneering partners have drawn up in order to achieve climate neutrality and encouraging them to publicize their achievements and challenges via regular up-dates of the web pages.

* Acting as a forum through which those who aspire to climate neutrality may network and learn more to plan their own emissions reductions.

* Acting as an honest broker, bringing developed and developing country participants together to green the development path and support the Millennium Development Goals.

Today, the CN Net numbers among its participants countries, cities, major international companies, UN agencies and leading NGOs. They are the trailblazers on the route to zero emission economies, communities and businesses.

CN Net participants have set the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets in the world.

• Costa Rica aims to be climate neutral by 2021 when it celebrates 200 years of independence.

• Växjö in Sweden has decided to become a ‘Fossil Fuel Free” City

• In Rizhao, China close to 100% of urban housing has solar heaters.

• Toyota Motors Europe is committed to sustainable mobility with the aim of “zero emissions”.

• French NGO Planète Urgence offsets all emissions resulting from its operations and carries out reforestation projects in developing countries.

• UNEP has the United Nations lead on matters related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and itself became climate neutral in 2008.
The Climate Neutral Network could have been called the Carbon Neutral Network. However the long-term aim is to address all greenhouse gases, including all six under the Kyoto Protocol, and others covered by treaties such as the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer.

UNEP will call on the expertise of the network and UN’s Environmental Management Group to set some basic benchmarks and foundations upon which the initiative can evolve over the coming months and years.
CN Net participants are already achieving significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. As the Network grows and expands, so will its contribution to global efforts to combat climate change.

Participation in the CN Net is free of charge.