Want to help avoid damaging climate change and offset your emissions? Perhaps even become carbon neutral. Try the Climakind alternative - Climakind provides a transparent and effective way to reduce global carbon emissions credits, with three membership levels to allow your efforts to be easily recognised.

Your efforts to reduce carbon emissions through Climakind are proactive, high quality and secure. Help drive deep cuts in CO2 and position your organisation as environmentally concerned.

We consider Climakind to be the next generation of what is called “carbon neutral” because it’s proactive. We strive to reduce the addition of new carbon to the atmospheric system from burning fossil fuels rather than trying to sequester the extra carbon after it has been added to the system, when it is really too late.

Climakind is uniquely positioned to help your organisation discover the opportunities of cancelling genuine carbon credits. There are commercial benefits in voluntarily cancelling carbon credits and competitive advantages that await early movers. Appeal to customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the community by positioning your brand as environmentally concerned and visibly active in striving to reduce carbon emissions globally. The EmissionsAware carbon management plan guides you through setting emission reduction targets.

Climakind is more meaningful than a simple transaction. At www.climakind.com you can manage, monitor, compare and promote your emission reduction efforts in one place. You can cancel carbon credits to match your controllable carbon emissions (in the home, business and travel) or simply for the altruistic cancellation of the limited rights to emit carbon emissions. Cancelling carbon emission credits through Climakind is easy and relatively affordable.

Because we only use high quality carbon credits purchased through the European Emissions Trading Scheme, your efforts help strengthen the impact of a well designed framework to reduce global carbon emissions. In addition, cancelling carbon credits through Climakind reduces the number of credits available in a limited pool of credits, effectively reducing the “cap” in the cap and trade. This incentivises emitters to find energy efficiencies and invest in low-carbon solutions - the only way to a sustainable future.

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